Give me that old school love right now

That was after Pac washed him in the club. Who really won though

I used to be so in love with that dude for years! I saw him on The Game and he did not age well.






Give me that old school love right now

That was after Pac washed him in the club. Who really won though

I used to be so in love with that dude for years! I saw him on The Game and he did not age well.

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The ultimate dance crews battle for one last time.  Don’t miss the dance event of the summer – NOW PLAYING in theaters! 

Oh is THAT what this Step up is about??? Oh. I. Am. There!

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The goal is to be unafraid when you love.
To turn your shoulder towards the winds and push on.
To be relentless in your pursuit of it.
To be fearless and unafraid.

We are so bold in anger and confrontation and so scared and meek in love. Quick to tell someone off…

So many people emailed me pictures of them having tattooed “fuck fear. Love anyway” on their bodies. I was flattered but thought there has to be another way. Enter the t-shirts. I approached the talented and beautiful Huny Young for the design and the movement was born.
Read the essay. If it resonates with you then click the link and reserve a t-shirt. Then reblog, email, tweet the link out. We need to reserve 20 in six days to get them printed.
Let’s do it!
Fuck fear. Love anyway.


When it hurts so much that the brain that protects you tells your heart, “No. We can not feel this. If we feel this, then we will break into two and there is no room for that here. No space for it. So think of nothing. Own that nothing and wear it around your neck like a talism. It will protect you. This numbness. This nothing. This ‘don’t think about it’ will protect you… for a little bit. When it stops, then find something else. Something that feels like a screaming. Something that sinks deep into your chest. Something that awakes the dead with your song. Let it bellow. Let it moan. Let it live in your bones like a reckoning. Let it stand there and stare into the middle distance. Let this hurt do whatever the fuck it wants to do. This is how you stay alive. this is how you facilitate a healing. This is how you own yourself when it feels like the world was removed from beneath your feet. You find a way to stand despite it. And because of it. And without it.

You just do.

Bassey Ikpi (via confessionsinprose)

Weird finding things I wrote but forgot I wrote.
I’m kind of a good writer. I’d read my book.

Fuck fear. Love anyway.
It is what I live by and I’ve seen the tumblr posts passed around so I know you do too. Now you can say it with your chest!

I need to have 20 orders before they will print them up and send one to you. Let’s do this!

Dear Bassey,

  1. Fuck fear, love anyway.

  2. Your heart is neither briar patch nor tumble weed. It is lush, tropical rain forest. Treat it accordingly.

  3. Listen to your head, trust your heart but let your gut break the tie.

  4. Release the myth of martyrdom. Joan of Arc didn’t set herself on fire.

  5. If they demand your silence in exchange for your friendship or love, then they aren’t worth the sound of your voice.

  6. You dream. You act. You plan. You work. You be. You will. I promise.

  7. Elaiwe is your greatest gift to the world. Your gift to him is to build a life that doesn’t revolve around his.

  8. Your failures don’t define you. Your successes won’t sustain you. Never stop growing.

  9. Patience may not be your strongest suit but it has always revealed your greatest rewards.

  10. Remember that everything you are can be found in the space between pinky and thumb. You are fist. You are palm. You are fan. You are a welcome wave. You are measured goodbye. You are treasured caress. You are steady. You are rock and roll. You are a necessary part of prayer. You are one. You are peace. You are a bad mother fucker.

  11. You are at your best when you are smiling. Find at least one reason an hour to be at your best.

  12. Despite what you’ve told yourself or others, it is never too late to steady yourself and start again.

  13. It isn’t about forgiving and/or forgetting, it’s about moving on and getting better.

  14. Make new mistakes.

  15. Edit. The poem. The writing. The conversation. The choice. The decision. The life. Nothing is final. Edit.

  16. You are an empath. Be careful.

  17. Remove yourself from those that drain and refuse to replenish.

  18. What scares you most isn’t the action, it’s the reaction. Don’t let it stop you from taking first step.

  19. They will love you no matter what but it is your responsibility to never force them to prove it.

  20. Someone will always find you.

  21. Every morning provides a new opportunity to start again. Take it.

  22. You can’t sing. Promise to do it anyway.

  23. You are a blessed thing when you’re laughing and dancing.

  24. Who you were and what you did, good or bad, has nothing to do with who you are and what you will do.

  25. Never apologize for how you choose to take care of yourself.

  26. Pack your favorite shoes. Wear them even if just to sit and stare at the way they love your feet.

  27. Let fear be the wind at your back not the brick that keeps you from moving.

  28. Elaiwe is the highest place. Teach him to find a place even higher than that.

  29. Go find something to be. Something that tells you why you’re here.

  30. You will be a writer even if you never write another word. You are not a writer because you do.

  31. There is a road map tattooed to the inside of your eyelids.

  32. Change your mind. Change it back.

  33. Be beautiful without permission.

  34. Live like poems written when strength was common.

  35. Love someone and mean it.

  36. Life goes on without you. Let that warm you rather than warn you. Give you peace and not pause.

  37. No one has been worth it yet, Wait for the one who is.  

  38. You will know because he will never stop trying.


Here we are. Finally facing the other side of this life you’ve built thus far. I can hear you trembling. Can feel the quake of your worry start to over take you. There is more to come. There is more you to peel away and discover. There is a new journey. Some days, I know it feels like there is nothing to hold you. That your past sits on your shoulder like the devil at high noon. You know that’s not true. You have grown towards the sun. Don’t let anyone try to drag you back. You are neither shadow nor brick. You did the right thing. You did the right thing. You did the right thing. Hold that. Grow with it. Carry it with you on this adventure.

Happy Birthday, mama girl. We have secrets. They are beautiful. This time next year, there will be a new moon to gaze at and marvel at how far we journeyed to get here.




"But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"

Mark Twain

This is honestly my favorite quote. It’s changed how I look at life and religion.

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love this. 

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Hey, bed!!!

This Saturday!

When I came to Nigeria last year, I knew his name and his face and that outrageous style and wild hair from the blogs. I thought, “Who is this mad man and how can I meet him??”. I expected to run into him once or twice and keep it moving. I expected the same distant and snobbish personality that i had grown to loathe in Nigerian celebs. And i did meet him more more than once or twice but…What the blogs and stories failed to capture is that this man despite all his success, despite the roar and hum of being misunderstood and the green circle in a crowd of beige squares, despite thousands of fans and hundreds of haters, despite withstanding countless critics and succession of sycophants, despite all that and more, what you could never know by looking at him is that this man @denrele_edun is one of the kindest, most generous, most open hearted, most everything right with the world you would ever want to meet. His heart is big and full as his hair. His smile is the only thing that rivals his personality in volume.
Despite Nigeria’s conservative and stuffy nature, this wild child, son of the night and reflection of sunshine has managed to thrive as an original version of himself when others are scrambling to be carbon copies of each other. And with all that he has, he spares no hesitation in sharing it all. A man who truly has it all is never afraid of losing it. You embody that.
Denrele, my love, you are the real authentic and I am honored to share the planet with you and consider myself lucky to know that big heart packed into that size zero body. Happy birthday to you and happy you day to us!
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I had the great honor of writing and recording a poem for the project. Will link to the song as soon as I can. #lastnameIkpi firstnameBassey

Love this photo by @obiiifejika. #dothewritething

On my way to #dothewritething. Giving you Nubian Rita Hayworth realness.