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Nov 02

warsan is elsewhere.: holding out holding on -


on the phone to my friend one night i asked what if i made him up? what if he doesn’t exist?

months later my mother sees me sitting quietly on the stairs of our home and says macaanto, if you exist, then he exists.

i visit my father and we drink tea in his small apartment. when i’m about…

Jesus. I love her. 

Oct 31

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To the Left of Ordinary: Requiem: Dear YouBy Bassey Ikpi Dear You, The universe has finally... -


Requiem: Dear You

By Bassey Ikpi

Dear You,
The universe has finally granted your wish
You are free and no longer encumbered by the weight of my love
I was waiting for the last ray of sunshine to hit the earth’s surface before I buried our union
and somewhere it is midnight
and somewhere it…

Jesus! Where are you people finding these poems?? I haven’t seen this in ages! I thought I lost it like 6 laptops ago. Thank you. 

Oct 29

“Here’s to the horrible flirters, the ones who feel something but don’t feel the need to let the other person know. The ones who steal glances, but never kisses… the ones who would if they were given a signal, but have never been good at sign language. The sweaty palms, the nervous smiles, the silence that begs for innuendo. Here’s to the movies that aren’t there to be watched… the food that grows cold as it sits there waiting for you to make a move. To first dates that leave everyone involved in the dark. To hugs goodbye and confused looks heading back to the car. To everyone that, if flirtation were a disease, would be immunized by their own overthinking and underaction… To US!” —

—A toast to all my fellow awkward folks… #Cheers (via harlemink)

I loved this. 

Oct 28


Oct 24

Barack Obama Being Adorable with Adorable Children




There’s no consensus on POTUS’s first four years. Folks are pretty split on that issue. But as a person, Obama is winning. Dude is just down to earth than a mug. Kids don’t have fun with curmudgeonly old farts.

Meanwhile Willard Romney is out here making Babies Cry all over America…


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Oct 23

Mitt Romney sucks pass it on



Oh my god the NOTES


there are only a little over 9million users on Tumblr..almost every single damn person has liked this post. Tumblr has the power!

Never not reblogging because it gets truer and truer every day.


every time.

Wow @ the number of notes

Over 9 Million aaaaaaand countin’.

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Oct 22


thehazelnuttt asked: Excuse me for giving your piece the wrong name. I found it that way. I think you are beautiful. Your work is so true whenever I'm immersed in it I know I'm in good company. I can't truly answer where I find your work, I honestly don't know, I search for it and when I stumble across pieces like "I want to kiss you", I have to share. Have to! So thank you. It's only a pleasure to share your work.

Oh hon, don’t worry about it. I was just shocked to see it. I hadn’t seen that poem in so long. I’m glad you did find it and posted it. Thank you. 

Oct 21

The HazelNut: From A Distance -



you come to this world accessible
you quick/wit/ and charm
wear kindness like silk scarf/
from a distance/
I watch this public you/
Hold him/beating heart
Steady echo against my concern
see you arms extended/
inviting quick embrace/
on foreheads/

Wow! Where did you find this poem?? I didn’t even know anyone knew about it. “I want to kiss you” was written about the same guy and that’s the one people latch on to. This is my favorite of the two because it describes him so accurately. Thank you for sharing this. 

Let me explain “hypomania” for you. Remember the first time you were ever on a Ferris wheel? Remember when you got to the very top and kinda just sat there for a little while, the entire world at your feet. There was euphoria, excitement, you could see the entire world from where you were. You felt like you could touch the sky. Your entire body was tingling with this amazing sensation of joy and that good anxiety. You were giddy. Just fucking excited to be alive at that moment.

Now imagine feeling that every day for a week or a month or a few months, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no break. No “down”. No rest. It’s exhausting but it also makes every thing you do feel like THE BIGGEST MOST AMAZING THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE IN YOUR LIFE!

The first week or so, it’s great. You can’t beat it. You’re getting work done. You’re the life of the party.

Then the insomnia sets in, then the inability to settle down and focus on anything for long sets in. Then you HAVE to write the entire book tonight before you can sleep or eat or leave the house or do anything. But first you have to call your friends and the boy you just met and tell them all that you love them. That you’ve never felt this way about any other human being in the entire world and you’re so lucky and so glad and so everything to have such amazing, magical people in your life. And it’s true. Until it isn’t. That’s hypomania. That’s what I have.

” — Bassey Ikpi · Does That Make Me Crazy? Living With Bipolar II at xoJane (via billowingclouds)

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“The problem with dreaming big is that when you get what you ask for, you get what you asked for.” — Bassey Ikpi (via escreveelianaescreve)

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Oct 20


Malala Yousufzai 



Malala Yousufzai