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Stir fried vegetable quinoa. I’m exhausted. I can barely eat. Too damn hot to cook in this country. It’s good though. I’m going to look at it some more and then take a nap.


I’ve been loved and I’ve loved hard but never in it, always just off to the side. Always just a circling the drain. I never fell. On the outside looking in. I was never pushed. I figured out what “normal” looked like in a relationship and I tried to emulate it as best I could. When I slipped,…



Yes, I was thinking of Gnarls Barkley when I wrote this. Why do you ask?

Also, this is my latest for XOJane.com discussing my life living with bipolar II disorder. It’s the most honest I’ve been about this. I usually tend to get clinical and distant but this time, I wanted to really try and understand what happens in this brain of mine. 

Things I forgot I wrote


Part of the reason why my article for XOJane was so difficult for me was because of how raw it was. I think over the years, due to my career as a performer, how to give people a very little and make them feel like they’re getting everything. I did it on twitter and I do it on blog on occasion. You…

Things I forgot I wrote but really needed to read. Wow.

"What?? Mommy, you should get hugs all the time. Just walk up to someone and say ‘hey! I’m pretty and I smell good. Hug me!"
— Boogie upon his discovery that I haven’t had a hug since Sunday.
Anonymous Asked
QuestionDid you find seeing a therapist...difficult at first? In terms of sharing. I've been thinking about seeing a therapist for months now...I ricochet between being extremely happy and extremely depressed; it literally cripples me. I've tried changing different things that I felt made me unhappy, but I've learned that changing your external circumstances won't fix an internal issue. But I'm very nervous to share with someone. I need someone to talk to but I'm also apprehensive. Your thoughts? Answer

It is important to talk to someone impartial who listens with no ulterior motives. I like to talk and share. I do that through different mediums. To me therapy was like tweeting outloud. You do have to be comfortable and it will take you a few tries. Dont feel compelled to stay with a therapist if you Dont click. What’s important is your freedom and safety and process towards healing. Try to relax and consider the help you need and be kind to yourself.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionPlease I miss your " I want to kiss you video" I can't find it anywhere * sad face* Answer

I found it a few weeks ago. I will repost it as soon as I can get to a computer.

  • Hella long but it cracked me the fuck up.
  • Boogie is reading to me before he goes to bed. It's a book called Animals and all he does is name the animals and make the sound or action that goes with said animal. Somehow, we started talking about what you make out of animals and it was all downhill from there...
  • Boogie: So what do you do with a sheep?
  • Me: You know how when you get a haircut, you have to pick up all the hair and throw in the trash?
  • Boogie: Yes
  • Me: Well, sheep's wool you take it and you use it to make sweaters and blankets.
  • Boogie: Oh... and then the sheep grows more hair. What about a pig?
  • Me: Um...
  • Boogie: What do you make from pigs?
  • Me: Well, some people eat pigs.
  • Boogie: WHAT?!
  • Me: Yes like... bacon and sausage and pepperoni and ham...
  • Boogie: Stop! Stop!
  • *pretends to faint onto his pillow*
  • Boogie: I can't hear anymore. *eyes closed, arm draped dramatically over his head*
  • Boogie: What about the chickens?
  • Me: You don't want to know...
  • Boogie: Yes I do...
  • Me: eggs
  • Boogie: WHAT?!
  • Me: Nuggets
  • Boogie: WHAT?!
  • Me: Popeyes
  • Boogie: WHAT?! What the---
  • Me: I know.
  • Boogie: I'm going to turn the page now.
  • *This page is filled with baby animals that you match with their parents*
  • Boogie: The bunny goes with Rabbit... the kitten goes with the cat... the dog goes with the puppy
  • Me: Good job
  • He turns the page
  • Boogie: I know what a baby fish is called. Fishsticks.
  • Me: No. Fishsticks are made out of fish. Baby fish are just baby fish.
  • Boogie: Fishsticks... are made out of fish?? What about corndogs?!
  • Me: *sigh* Sometimes cows, pigs and chickens
  • Boogie: Stop telling me things!
  • Me: You asked!
  • Boogie: No more reading. I don't want to know what you do with dogs and cats.
  • Me: ME?! I'm not doing anything!
  • Boogie: *side eyes me*
  • Then he pulls his Toy Story blanket over him and turns his back on me.
  • Boogie: Good night, mommy. I hope you don't eat kittens!


I need to stop forgetting that I’m a brave girl. A woman who follows her heart even if it leads her off a cliff. I know I’m strong enough to climb back up, dust myself off, laugh at the ridiculous of it all and still find room in my heart to allow someone to enter. I need to stop forgetting that…

"Taking the high road doesn’t always get you where you need to go."
— I either just made this up or I heard it in a song. Let’s say I made it up.  (via basseyworld)

Finding old posts upon my return to tumblr.


Ask me what you want. I’ll decide what I answer. 

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